We provide intelligence, evidence, and expertise to optimize clinical outcomes and system solutions. 

Save more lives. Save more money.


Our new web-based, quality improvement software platform uses your existing EHR clinical data to dramatically improve patient outcomes by providing exactly what your staff needs to find and fix the issue.


The Melius Workflow


Hospitals using Melius report a 7-10x ROI


— How it works —

Our simple solution captures and cleanses data from your existing EHR, displays it intuitively for your staff to highlight the specific quality issue, then we provide 24/7 online training videos and the most recent references & tools and give actionable recommendations to fix the issue.


 “Having quick access to accurate data lets departments not just see the problem quickly, but the frontline staff now has the tools and specific instructions to fix it.”


The Melius User Interface 


While the Melius engine runs in the background, the simple user interface for the staff lets them read intuitive reports, quickly find the problem, drill down on the issue and have all the updated training, hospital policies, references & guidelines at their fingertips to fix the issue.


The combined solution of data, software, training and experience provide for an unmatched efficiency in hospitals and surgery centers.


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