We help any hospital or ambulatory surgery center in the U.S. improve their patient outcomes. From COO’s to OR Directors and nurses, we make everyone’s jobs easier while improving the hospital’s reputation and dramatically affecting the bottom line.


• Cut expenses significantly
• Maximize reimbursements
• Increase insurance referrals
• Improve hospital reputation
• Increase patient and staff satisfaction

“Melius Outcomes gives you more control to positively
affect staff retention, hospital reputation and will significantly improve profitability.”

Clinical Management

Surgery Director, CNO, Quality, Infection,
Risk and Compliance Directors

• Actionable data to solve issues faster
• Efficient multi-department solutions
• Targeted on-demand training resources
• Upload hospital policy and procedures

“Melius Outcomes gives you better information and real solutions so you can bring all the departments together to solve QI issues with a systematic and direct approach.”

Clinical Leadership

Operating Room Director, Chief of Surgery,
Surgeons, Nurses

• Get more accurate & faster reports
• Find specific QI issues sooner
• Receive 24/7 online targeted training
• Have actionable data to solve issues

“We help you get you the information you need much faster to better affect your patient outcomes. This means a more efficient department that fixes issues faster and saves more lives.”