Our Team

Our founders are PhD’s with decades of clinical, research and technology experience. They include experienced nurses and QI leaders in some of the nation’s top hospitals, so they’ve seen hospital inefficiencies first hand.

Melius Outcomes was created by these industry leaders that were driven by saving lives and knowing there was a technology solution that can have a huge impact on hospitals and patients nationwide.

AkkeNeel Talsma

PhD, RN, FAAN – Founder / CEO
20 years of clinical performance improvement expertise
and noted international speaker on quality/safety

Cathy Kleiner

PhD, RN, CNS – Co-Founder / Head of Clinical Quality
20 years of experience as an OR nurse and as a leader in program/product development and quality improvement

Melissa Bathish

PhD, RN, PNP – Co-Founder / Head of Learning and Development
10 years of experience in clinical education and research; advanced
practice registered nurse and research specialist


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